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This gallery displays experimental work and past best work. Enjoy.

**Please don't give me Llamas. I don't give them back. They're useless to me.

I still frequent the place here and there, but since this is an old account, give me a week to reply if you comment or note me. (March 2012)
:iconillmatthew33: TitikAwalCreative

This artist has been around for 9 months and currently has a low amount of views. When I saw his work I was amazed that such wonderful work has gone unnoticed! Right now he's 17 and paints better than I can ever dream of! :lol:

Cheer HER up by TitikAwalCreative   Trade ART with YAUNG27 by TitikAwalCreative   Brotherhood by TitikAwalCreative Leopards by TitikAwalCreative   Bumble_B 33 by TitikAwalCreative

:iconchac-chac: chac-chac

Chac-Chac has been on dA for TWO YEARS! Yes, two! And guess what? She has UNDER 500 views! With her lovely talent in creating clothing, and professional quality I might add, this makes me livid! Okay, not literally, but her skill amazes me enough to find it odd that her work goes unappreciated.

Stripes and curles. by chac-chac   Stripes and curles. by chac-chac   happy birthday. by chac-chac   A la Belle Epoque. by chac-chac   ROAR. Corset. by chac-chac

:iconrustammaziev: RustamMaziev

Rustammaziev is someone I just stumbled upon when he was uploading his artwork. He's got some very nice renders!  I hope you'll check his art out.

:thumb127339522:  :thumb127339805:  :thumb127515820:  :thumb127766189:  :thumb127766274:

:iconnaomigrace: NaomiGrace

Naomi is a really sweet person I met recently, and I believe she does a great job with her artwork. She has quite and eye for just the right shot :D Here's some of her work. Unfortunately, she's only got a few K views. Not enough!! Nope! :no:

Beginning Of The Rainbow by NaomiGrace   Postcard by NaomiGrace   Picturesque by NaomiGrace   Balance by NaomiGrace   Finale by NaomiGrace

:iconesprox: Esprox

Esprox has some great nature and animal shots. And he's got cats! Who doesn't love cats??  To top it off, he's got quite a fun personality, and I enjoy reading some of those crazy journals.  He's nearly got 5k views, but to me that's just not enough.

:thumb67203246:  :thumb79579634:  :thumb111168230: :thumb118369627:  :thumb125396793:

I hope you'll check these people out! They're all wonderful people (as far as I know :XD:) and I do enjoy their work. And I'm sure you all know I enjoy a variety, so there's something for everyone with these artists. So hurry! Visit their galleries, fav, comment, poke.  I'm sure they won't mind. ;)

Blessings & Love,
Hello everyone! :wave:

I thought I'd show some people I watch some love.  I know many artists who just aren't appreciated much.  The artists I'm featuring are people who have under 10,000 (actually more like 6,000) pageviews.  These are all very humble yet talented individuals.  Most are amateurs but I believe have a wonderful, artistic soul.  I hope you will appreciate them as well.

I've only recently met Angelia, but she's such a pro! For someone who's just come to dA recently, she fits right in :)

:thumb106170998:  :thumb105088284:  :thumb103941344:

Bojar is one awesome person.  I went through his gallery one day and found some amazing photos.  Quite a variety I might add.

Vintage Festival III by bojar   Automobile Show IV by bojar   Blackberry by bojar

I believe I met Anariel after looking at jademacalla's recent Autumn Country Contest.  She's a very talented drawer.

A Froudian Girl,or A Shy Faun by BowofAnariel   Boriolus by BowofAnariel   Maeve of Deadlands by BowofAnariel

Li has become a good friend.  She's a fun woman who has come a long way with her manipulations and writing :)

Zodiac Warrior by Ferelwing   Winter's White by Ferelwing   Enter the Winter by Ferelwing

Glitterlover is a fairly new Deviant also.  She's a sweet person who's come a long way in her manipulations also :aww:

Glamour Puss by glitterlover   One of the Fairies... by glitterlover   The Only Thing Missing Is You by glitterlover

I've known Mithrillion for a little while.  She has some very creative pieces!

:thumb79887906:  :thumb79717843:   Electric Guitar 2 by Mithrillion

Martin has been a great friend to me for about 4 years now.  I'd love for everyone to show him how great of an artist he is because he never listens to me, nor believes that he is great! So far he hasn't had great locations to visit because, well, it's always raining :( But the days he does get out, he gets some great shots :)

:thumb101353452:  :thumb101311791:  :thumb103329182: